Downtown Eastside Writers in Residence Experience

DE Wire is a community communication centre for writers who contribute to
or reside in the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada.

This communication centre serves the community of people interested
in learning to write, in improving their writing ability,
and in contributing to people interested in writing.

DE Wire is a place where writers contribute to one another
and to our ability to write for personal expression,
to contribute to understanding,
or to tell stories to create connections and contribute to our well-being.

DE Wire will publish stories about
our community, our possibilities, and our opportunities
for conversation with contributors to the
Downtown Eastside Writers in Residence Experience.

Opportunities to contribute to creating the writers in residence experience
will be published soon.
Thank you for visiting and please come again later.

The Downtown Eastside Writers in Residence Experience is an initiative
of the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts